Kindness on Her Tongue

My Summer Projects

Samuel and I finished our school year on May 15. I have been looking forward to some time off from school to finish some long overdue projects. I’ve been working on those and thought I’d post some before and afters. 



I have a new love. Well, two actually. OK one is true love the other is just a strong crush. I have a crush on Goodwill. I am seriously in love with spray paint. And the two together make the most unbelievable combination. They have changed. my. life! 


I got some great little awfully ugly things and spray painted them. First thing is this hideously ugly coffee mug cabinet thingie that I got for $4. It had 6 of the ugliest coffee mugs inside – yellow and brown – which I promptly donated back to Goodwill before I even left the store. See how awful? But it has a really cute shape.

So I brought it home, unwrapped the miles and miles of wrapping tape that was shackling it (Question: why do they do that at Goodwill? Everything is a sticky mess when you bring it home for all the tape and price tags. Do we really need 4 price tags on everything?) I cleaned off the adhesive stuff. Then I broke all the ugly  glass out of it. That was very satisfying. I sprayed it with a few coats of fast drying black spray paint (my new fave is Krylon – they have the best nozzle on their spray paint), glued some sheer fabric inside and now have a lovely new medicine cabinet. 




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