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Roadside Treasure

We have a little used furniture store just down the road from our house. I was very sad to find out a couple of weeks ago that they have closed. They have been cleaning out their inventory and, as I found out, throwing away some less than desirable pieces (who would ever throw away furniture??? Oh! the possibilities!) On our way to my brother in law’s for a July 4th cookout, I first saw their “junk” on the side of the road outside of the store. Yes, I made my hubby turn the van around so that I could pick their garbage. They had thrown away the loveliest little frenchy looking three drawer dresser. Yes, it could use some paint though not desperately, but its greatest flaw is that it is missing a drawer. Not a problem to me. I will be painting that bad boy and putting some baskets where the drawer is missing. Stay tuned for the finished product. Here is a before picture:



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  1. * Tara says:

    It has such beautiful lines!! Where are you going to put it? I would love to find a free treasure like this to use as a bedside table.

    Oh. I tried to comment on your beautiful bathroom shelf, but I think I left my comment at the other beautiful bathroom shelf post.

    | Reply Posted 9 years ago

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