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Dining Room Chairs

I must give a plug for Value City Furniture. While looking through everyone’s lovely rooms at Nester’s Price My Space Party, I was admiring Julia’s living room and noticed that she had some pieces from Value City Furniture. I love Value City Furniture, but I had not checked them out for a while and decided to go see what was going on there. We have really needed new Dining Room chairs for quite some time so I surfed on over to that section on their website, just out of curiousity. Well. Well. Well. I was speechless at what I found. They are having a crazy sale right now. Tons of stuff marked ridiculously low. So Dearies, look around and see what you may find! I went this morning and bought 6 new chairs and I can’t even utter how little I paid for them. They didn’t have the fabric choice that I really liked on the website, but for that price, I will gladly change the fabric myself. Look at this! and this!

Update: The arm chairs are apparently all sold out (the first link) because they were $39! For upholstered dining room arm chairs! So I got two of those and 4 of the side chairs, also a fabulous price, I think. However, someone at VCF measured incorrectly and I, naively, trusted the measurements that they posted on the site. The side chairs are too big for my table. They fit under the table if we put them in a specific pattern. And I think once they are pulled out and are being sat upon they are fine. Now I’m trying to decide if I should return them or just make them work for now. What do you all think? I could return the side chairs, keep the arm chairs, and look for different side chairs or I could look for a cheap, bigger table at Goodwill and fix it up but I just spent a zillion days and lost 20 years off my life refinishing my current dining room table. Or I could just make what I have work. What’s a girl to do?


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  1. * Marie says:

    Yippee! That’s awesome! =) I love a good deal.

    I’d love for you to join me for an “Heirloom Party” over at my blog on July 31st. Come on by for the details!


    | Reply Posted 8 years, 11 months ago

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