Kindness on Her Tongue

Purposeful Spending

I spent an inordinate amount of time this weekend reading about June Cutoff Cash and her husband, Marvin Gardens over at (I’m not entirely certain that I used the word “inordinate” correctly, but June, if you ever happen to visit my blog – doubtful, I know, as you are waaaaay more famous than I – please know that I intended no harm to your proofreading sensibilities. Did I use the word “sensibilities” correctly?) Anyway, she has really made me think. I am very cheap, but I do not always spend purposefully. I used cloth diapers on my son (8 years ago, but I still get to cash in on that one, don’t I?), we use cloth napkins on a daily basis so as not to waste money on paper napkins, I mostly cook our meals, often from scratch, I grind my flour, bake my bread, and even, though a disputed fact around here, make lots of healthy, whole wheat muffins and other snacks. But I have of late become somewhat lax in these areas (except for the cloth diapers as we have been potty trained for some years) and find myself saying, more often than before, “Oh, let’s just grab some lunch or dinner.” So here I am on a Sunday evening, and the temptation often on a Sunday evening is to say, “Today is the day of rest. I would not like to cook.” So we end up eating Taco Bell or something. Not very purposeful. Well, after seeing how June and Marvin lived for a whole year of not spending any money (except for necessities) I felt inspired and motivated to cook dinner tonight and I realized that I should share this recipe since it’s like the easiest and yummiest thing to cook – like EVER. It is a chicken and rice casserole that I have been using for years from The Hillbilly Housewife. Over the years I have put my own spin on the recipe so I’ll share with you what I do. I usually buy the individually frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts at Sam’s Club. This last time I went to Sam’s, I bought two bags and immediately baked one bag of the breasts. Then I cut up the chicken and froze it in 2 cup portions to have ready for such recipes as this (I seem to have a TON of recipes that call for 2 or 4 cups of cut up, cooked chicken.) I also never have mushrooms on hand for this recipe and only occasionally remember to buy the chopped pimentos. I’ve never put almonds in this as we are not big fans of the nuts-in-the-main-dish thing. And instead of frozen peas, I use frozen mixed vegetables as I always have a huge bag from Sam’s in the freezer -such a convenient thing and so versatile. It provides a little variety since I always forget the mushrooms and often the pimentos. Oh, and I use brown rice. So there it is. Please try this recipe. It is yummy and easy and cheap and fairly healthy, much healthier than fast food, and it’s pretty fast. Oh yeah, I also baked bread today. DSC01868DSC01869


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