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The Sad Little Table and a Sassy Globe


When we bought our home in May 2002, there was much work to be done. One really lovely thing about the house was that it was filled with “treasures” that the previous owner had left behind. Much of it was thrown away immediately. Some things were kept, reassessed later and then thrown away. Then there were the real treasures. Maybe treasure is too strong of a word. How about things that weren’t total garbage and could possibly have some purpose. One of these things was a little corner table/stand type thing. I’m sure you’ve all seen these around.


It has lived these years behind our front door not really serving any purpose. But one day I walked past it and thought, “I am going to paint it black!” So I did. Then it once again lived behind our front door looking fabulous but still serving no purpose. Then one day (another day) I realized that I needed something in the empty corner of our school/family room. I also needed a home for our “new” globe which would live near the wall map. This is what I ended up with:


Yay! I love my little map/globe corner. Everything is right there and easily accessible to my little student. I found the globe at Goodwill for $10. It’s in perfect condition, but the metal part was brassy. I popped the globe out and spray painted the brassy part with Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint. Ahh – much better.

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Some Help, Please

OK everyone, I need some help. Remember this treasure I found on the side of the road? I haven’t done much with it yet and really had not planned to invest much time or money into it. I’ve already sprayed the drawers Heirloom White, which is very nearly the color it already was but it freshened it up and got rid of the gold lines. I also found these baskets which are the perfect size and a little more than I would normally spend but I have looked for the perfect baskets which would fit in the space of the missing drawer and these are it. Well the plan all along had been to paint the body of the dresser with Heirloom White, also, and to keep the hardware but spray them Oil Rubbed Bronze. This morning I came across what I think is the most perfect look for this little beauty on It’s So Very Cheri’s Knock off Knock Out Party at Boulevard Interior Design. How about this for my little dresser?

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Sideboard For the Dining Room

My dining room has probably been the most neglected room in the house. I don’t think I have  any before pictures because I hadn’t planned on changing as much as I actually did over the summer. One of the things that it really needed was some sort of sideboard. I didn’t have a specific piece in mind but I didn’t want to pay very much (less than $50) and I wanted it to have storage space. I went to visit my dear friend in Atlanta at the end of July and since I have had some success in the past at the Goodwill near her, I decided to check for a piece to serve as a sideboard. I found the perfect piece. It was originally marked $65, then was marked down to $50 and finally had a “last chance” tag for $38. Sold! Here are some befores:

DSC01907DSC01911DSC01912And after:


That black thing on the left side of the pic is a mini-fridge as our fridge died today. We had to run out to Walmart and get the little one to keep some necessities until our big one is repaired. I was thrilled when I realized that it is still under extended warranty – woohoo! Oh and please ignore my unfinished burlap runner hanging too low on the left 🙂

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Something Lovely in the Master


We all know how the Master Bedroom often falls victim to neglect. It is usually the last room to receive the attention that it so deserves. This was no less true in my own home. I decided a few weeks ago to do something special. This is something that I have wanted to do in several places in my home for years now but have been quite intimidated to try. I’ve seen lately many bloggers who have used vinyl wall decals but that just didn’t appeal to me – when I get the bug to do something I need instant gratification. I’ve seen some really nice vinyl decals but I love paint and it is so much cheaper, especially when you have what you need on hand. Now I know that it will break my heart when I one day have to paint over it, but I can do it again and hopefully by then I’ll be tired of and want something new.  I can’t find my before picture, but just above our bed were three glass wall vases with some puny fake purple flowers. I took those down, wiped down the wall with a damp cloth and painted this:


Then I spent the next couple of hours tracing and painting this (with help from my 8 year old son):


And when it was all finished it looked like this:


I really like it and I hope I don’t have to paint over it anytime soon. I think I would cry. (Sorry about the terrible pictures – I’m such a bad photographer)

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Some Lighting Issues

Our home was built in 1972 which was a strange time when it was apparently not acceptable to have normal vanity lighting in bathrooms. When we bought our home in 2002, two of the three bathrooms were unfortunate enough to have this type of lighting. I wish I had some pictures of my son’s bathroom lights before we replaced them with a pendant light (almost immediately upon moving into the house – they were hideous) but I don’t. If you’ve done the math, you may have noticed that we have lived in our home for 7 years. And for that period of 7 years we have lived with some very interesting ’70’s lighting in our master bathroom. What was most interesting about these lights in our bathroom was not necessarily the actual look, but the fact that for 7 years only one light would work at a time. There were some very rare moments when both would burn bright together and we would hear a Hallelujah! chorus singing, but for some time now, that had not happened. They survived so long only because the previous owner had tried to update them by painting them which lent a sort of shabby-chicness to them and, at moments, they could appear to be quite charming. Recently, the bulb in the one light that happened to be working burnt out and upon replacement we sadly/jubilantly realized that the burnt out bulb was to be its last. The light would no longer come on. 7 years, people! 7 years of bad lighting and frightful makeup application flashed before my eyes. It was time. This was not something I could spend a whole lot of time researching – one cannot live without bathroom lighting for long. Also, it was not something we wished to put a lot of money into since we are hoping at some point to remodel this bathroom. Unfortunately, they do not make bathroom vanity lighting that hangs from the ceiling. I went to a local lighting store and I did find some pool table lighting ($53 – perfect!) which would have worked but was told it was a special order and would take about a week to arrive. I thought, “Lady, I ain’t got that kind of time! I don’t have lights in my bathroom!” But politely considered some other ideas which she offered. She suggested buying two pendant lights and attaching them to a bar, and while the pendant lights were affordable enough, the bar cost a whopping $98! That idea was rejected. Then she offered a brilliant idea. She said that if we still have the cap on the ceiling through which the wiring runs, then we could really use any two lights on chains and just paint the cap to match our choice. Woo-hoo! But alas, all those lights cost more than I wanted to spend. As I looked around the store, I noticed some of those little lantern type exterior lights. On chains. $24 each. Sold! The total? This is so cool – $53! Just exactly what it would have been for the original lighting I chose. So I took my little treasures home, bought some frosted glass spray paint, wrapped the lights in blue painter’s tape excepting the glass, and voila! I had new lights for my bathroom. I’m so excited about them. They are so much cuter than any other lighting I could have chosen.

Here’s a before shot, only it’s more like a during shot. My hubby had already started taking it down when I remembered to take a picture. But you get the idea:


My little lantern inside its painter’s tape cocoon:

DSC01781 copy

And new lights! I can actually see to put my makeup on now!