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The Sad Little Table and a Sassy Globe


When we bought our home in May 2002, there was much work to be done. One really lovely thing about the house was that it was filled with “treasures” that the previous owner had left behind. Much of it was thrown away immediately. Some things were kept, reassessed later and then thrown away. Then there were the real treasures. Maybe treasure is too strong of a word. How about things that weren’t total garbage and could possibly have some purpose. One of these things was a little corner table/stand type thing. I’m sure you’ve all seen these around.


It has lived these years behind our front door not really serving any purpose. But one day I walked past it and thought, “I am going to paint it black!” So I did. Then it once again lived behind our front door looking fabulous but still serving no purpose. Then one day (another day) I realized that I needed something in the empty corner of our school/family room. I also needed a home for our “new” globe which would live near the wall map. This is what I ended up with:


Yay! I love my little map/globe corner. Everything is right there and easily accessible to my little student. I found the globe at Goodwill for $10. It’s in perfect condition, but the metal part was brassy. I popped the globe out and spray painted the brassy part with Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint. Ahh – much better.

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Some Help, Please

OK everyone, I need some help. Remember this treasure I found on the side of the road? I haven’t done much with it yet and really had not planned to invest much time or money into it. I’ve already sprayed the drawers Heirloom White, which is very nearly the color it already was but it freshened it up and got rid of the gold lines. I also found these baskets which are the perfect size and a little more than I would normally spend but I have looked for the perfect baskets which would fit in the space of the missing drawer and these are it. Well the plan all along had been to paint the body of the dresser with Heirloom White, also, and to keep the hardware but spray them Oil Rubbed Bronze. This morning I came across what I think is the most perfect look for this little beauty on It’s So Very Cheri’s Knock off Knock Out Party at Boulevard Interior Design. How about this for my little dresser?

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Sideboard For the Dining Room

My dining room has probably been the most neglected room in the house. I don’t think I have ¬†any before pictures because I hadn’t planned on changing as much as I actually did over the summer. One of the things that it really needed was some sort of sideboard. I didn’t have a specific piece in mind but I didn’t want to pay very much (less than $50) and I wanted it to have storage space. I went to visit my dear friend in Atlanta at the end of July and since I have had some success in the past at the Goodwill near her, I decided to check for a piece to serve as a sideboard. I found the perfect piece. It was originally marked $65, then was marked down to $50 and finally had a “last chance” tag for $38. Sold! Here are some befores:

DSC01907DSC01911DSC01912And after:


That black thing on the left side of the pic is a mini-fridge as our fridge died today. We had to run out to Walmart and get the little one to keep some necessities until our big one is repaired. I was thrilled when I realized that it is still under extended warranty – woohoo! Oh and please ignore my unfinished burlap runner hanging too low on the left ūüôā

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An Oldie But a Goodie


This is a project that I did last year. I know, kinda lame. But I wanted  to link to DIY Day, and we are about to start school in 10 minutes (I really, really hope) so I had to pick  something that I had at hand.

I found at Sur La Table last year, some children’s chairs. Now these were not just any children’s chairs. These chairs were special, special because they were PINK. Why are pink chairs special in a home with no little girls? Pink chairs are special when they are $10 a piece on clearance! I bought 4.DSC01213There she is in all her glory. But, as much as my son actually LIKED the pink chairs, the Man declared they were not to remain pink. Hmmph – Men. It’s a good thing I love paint. DSC01200DSC01214DSC01201The colors don’t show up very well in these pictures. They are Bolero Red and Mannered Gold both from Sherwin Williams. The Stencil was from Michael’s.

And the Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For…Not really, but I’m excited about it.

I am finally ready to show you my dining room table. For my facebook friends out there, you’ve been with me through it all – the laughter, the tears, the sanding, the staining, the sanding, the staining, the sanding, the staining. And NOW! I can finally show you what it was all about. This is my lovely dining room table. We all remember these “farmhouse” tables. They are soooo ten years ago. Come to think of it, that’s about when we bought ours. It was within the first two years that we were married and it was our first big purchase together. Our first new piece of furniture. I remember at the time that I did NOT want white legs because that was so, like, 5 years before that. But I did and still do really love the shape of it and the turned legs and the fact that it is solid, and I mean SOLID wood, and it also has a leaf that folds up and goes inside and it really is a classic style. I have for quite a while desired to redo this table. I wavered between black paint and a dark stain. I chose the dark stain. There was problem – I had never stained anything before. Didn’t have a clue what I was doing.


These pictures were taken after I very carefully and painstakingly sanded it – the first time. Not to be mistaken with the second time that I very carefully and painstakingly sanded it, nor the time after that that my Man sanded it – though it turns out that my sanding was not so careful nor painstaking as his. So after the first sanding I very excitedly wiped it down with my latest discovery, tack cloth. Oh. MY! I will keep a stock of tack cloth around forever. I can’t believe I’ve lived and sanded and painted without it. If you are unfamiliar with tack cloth, it is basically a sticky rag that you use to wipe something after you’ve sanded it and it picks up all the dust from sanding, unlike a plain ol’ rag which can either miss some of the dust or just move it around. I have always used a damp rag in the past, but I am telling you what – tack cloth has changed my life (did you see that, Tara? It changed. my. life!) Back to the story at hand. I then began staining the table. I had chosen a beautiful stain color from Minwax called “Provincial”. Doesn’t that sound positively, well, provincial? It wasn’t. It looked awful. There were big, dark spots. And there were big, light spots. And on the legs, the stain simply slid off. I should have taken a picture. But instead, the Man and I hauled it back outside to sand it again. Then we hauled it back inside and I gave it another shot. This was over a period of some days. Here’s what it looked like after the second attempt at staining:

DSC01850Yuck! (the table, not my photo, though that’s pretty bad, too. Now my sister-in-law, she can take some pictures! Hey Tawny! You stalking?) ¬†It looked terrible! And not only did it look terrible, it never dried. Even after a week it was still sticky. Well my Man stepped up and sanded that table. Really sanded. Like took a whole week to sand it. Took about 2 hours to sand each leg. Oh, and I also found out something very important from my friendly, neighborhood Sherwin-Williams store (love SW, which as my son pointed out are also his own initials.) There is a product called wood conditioner. It is as important to the staining process as priming is to the painting process. I am very thankful to have found that out between the time that the third sanding was complete and the time that the third staining was attempted. Between the very wonderful sanding that my very wonderful Man did and the wood conditioner, here is what we ended up with:

DSC01874DSC01878And with my bargain dining room chairs:

DSC01871And now it must be told that my brother -in-law, Richard the Second, was an integral part of the the staining process as well as in the assembly of the chairs.

So, there it is. I’m sorry I’m such a terrible photographer – wish I could get you some better shots. I love all your comments and input! Please let me know what you think about this project.